BP Credit Card

Sometimes you may feel like if you have seen one specialty type of card then you have seen them all. On one side of that you will seem to be very right because it seems that they do all offer either the same thing or something very similar. On the other side, you know that there's always just one more specialty card coming down the pike with just that one little difference to make it unique. That's kind of what happened when Chase Bank decided to push out the BP Credit Card.

This wonderfully simple BP Credit Card has a lot of the same features as most other gas cars, except they have their own little promotion. They are going to start you off with savings of 25 cents per gallon for every $100 purchase that you make on gasoline using their BP Credit Card. That promotion only runs for the first two months of having your card though. After that you will only save 15 cents off on every gallon of gasoline which still isn't half bad at all actually.


What is really awesome about the BP Credit Card is the ways that you are allowed to redeem the monies you have saved. After making a purchase on gasoline you can swipe your card and see your total price drop dramatically. That is really cool considering how much gasoline prices have risen over the years. If you are spending smaller amounts to fill you tank you will not notice the savings as much. However, if you are spending larger amounts you will begin to see the big difference when those cents add up to being bigger dollars. Again, it may seem like some small fries for most people with small vehicles, but when you do the math, 25 cents isn't bad considering most other gas cards only go up to around 10 cents at the most.

If you are fortunate to get approved for the BP Credit Card just make sure to always be careful of the interest rates so that you don't get yourself into a sticky situation. It will be way too easy to get caught up in the savings game until you realize you really need to pay that entire bill off by the end of the month to avoid the interest rate. If you are going to carry a balance with the BP Credit Card, it will affect you the same way any other credit card with a high interest rate would. At the end of the day, the BP Credit Card really does serve a nice purpose. Even though this card doesn't really do much else except for give you money off on gasoline purchases, every little bit can definitely go a long way. And the more gasoline that you can put into your tank at a cheaper price, the further that fill-up is going to take you until the next time you need gasoline in your vehicle. Every smart motorist should at least have one gas card in their wallet. Why not make your gas card the BP Credit Card?